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With PlayStation Plus subscriptions fees on the rise, is there a way to extend the current pricing temporarily?

Earlier we reported that Sony would be increasing its PlayStation Plus membership starting on September 22nd, 2016. That means folks currently paying $49.99 USD for the yearly membership will be paying $10 more, if and when they renew. But what if there were a way to temporarily extend the current price of $49.99?

Sony currently offers prepaid subscription cards (like the one seen above) at most electronics and video game retailers. The cards allow users to purchase three month or yearly subscription cards at a preset price of $17.99 or $49.99 respectively. While its unclear how Sony will be handling these preexisting membership cards or even if they will be honored, this might be a way for some to avoid the new price hike.

Naturally, Sony could always pull the opposite and only honor the value of these cards and require payment of the remainder of the subscription fee. But until the new pricing goes into effect, we won't know for sure. If anyone has any input or thoughts, make yourself heard in the comments section below.

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