WP7 Google+ app spotted, looks like the real deal

No doubt you've heard the rumors circling the web over the past few days that Clarity Consulting (the group behind the Windows Phone Facebook app) appear to be developing a Google+ application for Windows Phone.

The rumors began when a Twitter account was found by Mobility Digest, allegedly belonging to Kevin Marshall from Clarity Consulting, tweeted a picture of an HTC Trophy running a Google+ application that hadn't been seen before. However, many wrote it off as fake due to the fact that Twitter account had not ever said anything before, and that Clarity Consulting themselves hadn't updated their site in a long time.

Neowin decided to snoop around to see if the shot lines up with real Google Plus images and names, so searched public Google profiles to confirm. First up, we searched for "Kurt Brockett" who exists, and the profile picture matches up with the picture shown on the device above. In addition, he also happens to be a UX designer. Next up, Steve Holstad who is also listed on the screenshot, also matches up on Google Plus. We were able to find the correct picture, and also discovered that he too is a software engineer at Clarity. Coincidence? We think not.





It seems like the application is authentic, as it comes from a company that has previously created applications for the platform, and everything shown on the screen seems to line up online. In addition to this, the application appears to adhere to the Metro design guidelines.

Hopefully you'll be seeing Google Plus on a Windows Phone near you soon!

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