Xbox Game Pass gains Just Cause 3, Life is Strange 2, Ark, and more in January

Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass game subscription program grew substantially in 2018 and the company is already kicking off the new year with another injection of games. Revealed today were six more games incoming to the service in January, and while three of these are slated to be officially available tomorrow, they are already playable through the service.

Here are the newly announced titles and their release dates on the Xbox Game Pass.

Life is Strange 2 Episode 1 (Available now)

Two brothers Sean and Daniel Diaz, 16 and 9, are forced to run away from home after a tragic incident in Seattle. In fear of the police, Sean & Daniel head to Mexico while attempting to conceal a sudden and mysterious supernatural power.

Life on the road is tough and now totally responsible for his much younger brother, Sean begins to realise that his decisions will impact their lives forever…

Just Cause 3 (January 10)

The Mediterranean republic of Medici is suffering under the brutal control of Dictator General Di Ravello. Enter Rico Rodriguez, a man on a mission to destroy the General’s hold on power. With over 400 square miles of complete freedom from sky to seabed and a huge arsenal of weaponry, gadgets and vehicles, prepare to unleash chaos in the most creative and explosive ways you can imagine.

ARK: Survival Evolved (Available now)

Stranded on the shores of a mysterious island, you must learn to survive. Use your cunning to kill or tame the primeval creatures roaming the land, and encounter other players to survive, dominate... and escape!

Farming Simulator 17 (Available now)

Take on the role of a modern farmer in Farming Simulator 17! Immerse yourself in a huge open world loaded with a harvest of new content. Explore farming possibilities over hundreds of acres of land, including a detailed new North American environment.

Absolver (January 7, at launch)

Live out a life as martial arts expert focused on a variety of fighting skills, weapon knowledge, and hand-to-hand combat in the competitive, online world of Absolver. Journey across forsaken lands and come face to face with others like you, learning new combat skills, obtaining new weapons, gear, and armor along the way, all in the hopes of being considered worthy enough to be welcomed into the corps of the Absolvers.

Aftercharge (January 10, at launch)

With teamwork at its core, two teams of three players compete against one another – one must sneak across the battlefield to shatter six cylinders; the other is completely invincible, armed to the teeth, and must stop that from happening. Both teams need to work together, either coordinating attacks or creating distractions, all in the hopes of coming out on top.

Note that Absolver and Aftercharge's Xbox Game Pass entrances happen the same day that these titles launch on the Xbox One. And, Microsoft confirmed that the upcoming four episodes of Life is Strange 2 will be heading to the program in the future as well. The original Life is Strange and its prequel, Before the Storm, were also quietly added to the Xbox Game Pass in late December.

While the Xbox Game Pass normally comes in at $9.99 per month, Microsoft is currently offering the service for $1 to those who aren't currently subscribed.

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