Xiaomi's smartwatch for kids has a panic button, route tracking and a pricetag under $50

In the run up to Xiaomi's Mi Band successor, the Chinese juggernaut decided to take things in a slightly different direction and release a wearable - a smartwatch - intended for kids called the "Mi Bunny." The smartwatch is mostly aimed at parents rather than the kids themselves, with most of the features being geared towards safer parenting rather than health or entertainment or something you'd find on most other watches.

The feature list includes:

  • One-button ability to make phone calls (without needing a phone: the watch takes it's own SIM)
  • A panic button which notifies their parent or next of kin with their GPS coordinates along with a several-second snippet of audio from the watch's microphone
  • Path recording and route tracking, as well as notifications when the child would enter/exit from "safe zones"
  • 300 mAh battery which provides six days of battery life before needing to be charged
  • At least IP68 water resistance

The watch's band is made from the same antiallergenic anti-bacterial Dow Corning TPSiV rubber as the Mi Band.

The pricing of the watch is also worth mentioning as it rings up at ¥299, or just above $45, making it fairly affordable. A more in-depth list of features and explanations about the watch does can be found on this MiUi forum post, although beware that most of the important bits are in Chinese and not English.

Source: MiUi forum

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