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You can now pair Nintendo Switch controllers to the NES Classic Edition

Thanks to the help of one little dongle, Nintendo fans can now use the new Nintendo Switch's Joy-Con controllers with the NES Classic Edition.

8Bitdo's Retro Receiver, which can be had for about $16, works with PS4/PS3 controllers, Wii Remotes, and Wii U Pro controllers. Now, a new firmware update allows players to pair the Nintendo Switch's Joy-Con or the Switch Pro Controller to the NES Classic Edition.

The firmware is downloaded via your PC or Mac and installed using a USB-to-Micro-USB adapter to the Retro Receiver. After that, all players have to do is press and hold the pairing button on the receiver after plugging it into the NES Classic, and press and hold the pairing button on the Joy-Con or Switch Pro Controller.

While the lack of directional pad might make the Joy-Con less than ideal for playing retro games, it is nonetheless another option for those looking to play the NES Classic Edition wirelessly.

Source: The Verge | Retro receiver for NES Classic image via 8Bitdo

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