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You can now voice-activate Skills with Amazon's Alexa

If you're a user of Amazon's Alexa voice assistant, you've probably had to activate a Skill before. It had to be done through the Alexa app, and unless you knew what you were searching for, it meant sifting through over 1,400 Skills.

From now on, all you'll have to do to activate a new Skill is ask Alexa, just like for anything else in today's modern age.

The news comes a year after Amazon opened up its Alexa platform to third party developers. Since then, over 1,400 Skills have been created by developers, including the likes of Capital One, Phillips, and Nest.

Alexa is Amazon's voice assistant that originally came with the Echo, but has since been implemented on other devices, such as the company's Fire TV, newer Echo Dot, and Amazon Tap. You can use it to play music, ask the weather, the news, and more.

Since Amazon launched support for third-party Skills, the possibilities are endless. For example, if you're like any sane person, you'll want to use it to play Jeopardy. You can also use it to pay your Capital One credit card bill.

Of course, those are just two examples of over 1,400, but if you know what you want, just ask.

Source: Amazon

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