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You may not be able to opt out of app updates for Windows 10 Home either

Microsoft previously already made OS updates compulsory for those with Windows 10 Home and Pro – albeit, Pro users do get a period of six months to delay the update. In that vein of keeping its users always up to date with the latest software, Microsoft may have also pulled the plug on deferring updates to Windows Apps that you may have downloaded from the Store. Users who try to disable automatic updates with a Home license in the Store are met with a greyed-out toggle and are unable to change the setting. You can still choose to download updates on Wi-Fi only, though.

The decision to take away user choice with regard to OS updates might have made sense for better security and compatibility, but it still garnered some negative reactions from users. This decision is likely to infuriate such individuals even more, as security concerns are, in most cases, not really an issue with what version of an app you’re running.

On the other hand, while OS updates and hotfixes containing bugs could potentially harm your device or hamper your ability to use it properly, being forced to keep the latest version of an app poses no drawbacks, and would certainly provide a more pleasant experience.

Still, some might digress, and there is some hope yet. As Microsoft Community Moderator Smittychat points out, 10240 is only an RTM build and Microsoft still doesn't consider it a finished product, with changes to these options possibly coming in September.

Source: Microsoft via WinSuperSite

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