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Spybot Anti-Beacon 3.9 Build 278

Spybot Anti-Beacon

Spybot Anti-Beacon was initially designed to address the privacy concerns of users of Windows 10. They do not want to have information about their PC usage sent to Microsoft by various tracking (telemetry) features. It has since been modified to disable similar tracking functionality in Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 operating systems.

Spybot Anti-Beacon is updated regularly to include any new telemetry options added. This means that users no longer have to worry if there is still a telemetry option enabled that they may have missed manually, or that a new telemetry option has been included in a recent update for their operating system.

Simply clicking on ‘Customize’ on the main screen of Anti-Beacon will give you a choice to select your level of privacy. There are various protection presets available: ‘None’ allows all tracking options, and ‘Full’ will disable all known tracking features included in Microsoft’s operating systems. ‘Recommended’ is the setting we prefer. But you may set any single option to permitted or blocked by yourself. Then your individual immunization is established.

It is easy to undo changes or set another level, by choosing ‘Customize’ and the new level again. You may also have Anti-Beacon check your protection at every Windows start.

Spybot Anti-Beacon comes in two flavors; as a standard installation or as a Portable Edition compatible with PortableApps.

Why should I buy Anti-Beacon Plus?

Keeping track of changes that appear in Windows updates requires time and knowledge. A curated list packed into a simple to use application saves you the effort required to research all necessary settings. Regular updates will help you to keep your mind on more important things.

Spybot Anti-Beacon 3.9 Build 278 changelog:

Anti-Beacon 3.9 brings the usual small bugfixes (e.g. updates to OpenSSL 3.0), some preparations for localized versions to come, and a massive list of new tracking stuff it protects against. New are a lot of immunizers for Firefox, but there's also more Windows tracking and some bits for gamers. A complete list can be found at the below.

  • Windows Telemetry
  • Razer Game Scanner
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Feedback
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Telemetry
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Experience Improvement Program
  • Microsoft Media Player Online Data Collection
  • Microsoft Media Player Statistics
  • NVidia Telemetry Registry
  • Microsoft Windows Tips
  • Microsoft Windows License Telemetry
  • Microsoft Windows Feeds Diagnostics
  • Microsoft Windows Live Tile Data Collection
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Feedback
  • Windows Error Reporting
  • Piriform CCleaner Telemetry
  • Mozilla Firefox WebGL (minimize)
  • Mozilla Firefox WebGL (disable)
  • Mozilla Firefox Speculative Loading
  • Mozilla Firefox AddOn Telemetry
  • Mozilla Firefox Update Tracking
  • Mozilla Firefox Contextual Feature Recommender
  • Mozilla Firefox Microsoft Family Safety
  • Mozilla Firefox Connectivity Service
  • Mozilla Firefox Kill Switch
  • Mozilla Firefox Safe Browsing
  • Mozilla Firefox Location Tracking
  • Mozilla Firefox Thumbnails

Download: Spybot Anti-Beacon 3.9 | 15.8 MB (Freemium, paid upgrade available)
Download: Portable Spybot Anti-Beacon 3.9
View: Spybot Anti-Beacon Home Page

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