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Best Seagate WD Christmas deals, 3TB 4TB 6TB 8TB 14TB 16TB 18TB 20TB CMR HDD for NAS, Plex

Those shopping around for computer parts these days must be having a pretty good time compared to the situation two years ago. That's because there have been some generally excellent deals throughout most PC parts thanks to the recent sales on the occasion of Black Friday as well as Thanksgiving 2022. We have been covering these deals on graphics cards (the newest toys from AMD are available at MSRP now), processors, as well as storage components like CMR hard disks for NAS, and also external HDDs from WD. And now as we approach Christmas, prices have dropped once again (buying links below) after a quick rebound in between.

WD Red Plus 4TB 3TB and 6TB side by side

The deals come in the form of Seagate Exos, IronWolf, IronWold Pro, as well as WD Red Plus, conventional magnetic recording (CMR) drives which are extremely good for heavy-duty usage like those for NAS and Plex media servers, among others.

Get them at the links below:

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