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Get the TP-Link Tri-Band BE9300 Wi-Fi 7 router for a new all-time low price of $249.99

TP-link router

The Wi-Fi 7 wireless standard is both the latest and fastest for people who want to get the most out of their home network. However, the first such routers that went on sale were also very expensive. Thankfully, we have seen prices for these product finally start to become more affordable.

Today, you can get the TP-Link Tri-Band BE9300 Wi-Fi 7 routers for a new all-time low price of $249.99. That's also a $50 discount from its $299.99 MSRP.

TP-link router

This router includes six internal antennas that use what the company calls beamforming technology. That means the router is supposed to detect Wi-Fi devices like your notebook, smartphone, or game console, and can concentrate its signals toward those devices for a better and faster connection. Speaking of fast, the router's three bands (2.4 Ghz, 5 GHz, and 6 GHz) collectively offer download speeds of up to 9,214 Mbps.

The router includes one 2.5G WAN port for connecting it to your modem. It also has four 2.5G LAN ports so you can offer fast wired internet connections to your desktop, notebook, smart TV, and more. The router is also compatible with EasyMesh routers (sold separately) if you need to extend the Wi-Fi signal to cover more space in your home.

The Tether mobile app makes it easy to set up the router, and the TP-Link HomeShield service offers free Security Scan and IoT Device Identification services and also basic parental controls for the router. More features can be added with a paid subscription (again, sold separately).

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