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The Corsair MP600 SSD for Steam Deck, ROG Ally, and Surface, is down to its lowest price

The Corsair MP600 COre mini Ssd

With memory prices slowly rising, it is the perfect time to think about upgrading storage in your computer or console before it is too late. Even though SSDs are getting more expensive, there are still plenty of great deals that let you get more storage for less. This Corsair MP600 CORE Mini SSD is a perfect choice for upgrading your Steam Deck, ASUS ROG Ally, Surface Pro, or any other device that supports small form factor PCIe SSDs.

The Corsair MP600 CORE Mini is an M2 2230 SSD made to fit inside tight spaces, such as handheld consoles (ROG Ally or Steam Deck), laptops, and tablets, which cannot accommodate "full-size" M2 2280 drives. Despite being only 30 mm in length, the MP600 still delivers plenty of speed via its PCIe Gen4 interface. You can expect this drive to operate at speeds of up to 5000MB/s sequential read and 3800MB/s sequential write.

The Corsair MP600 COre mini Ssd

As for longevity, Corsair claims the MP600 CORE Mini is rated for 250 total board writes (TBW) or 1,500,000 hours of work (MTBF).

Despite targeting mobile devices, the Corsair MP600 CORE Mini can also work in desktop PC motherboards with mount points for 2280 drives. However, you can get better speeds at this price, so it is better to get the MP600 CORE Mini if you need to upgrade storage in your Steam Deck, ASUS ROG Ally, Surface Pro 9, or another device that utilizes small form factor drives.

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The Corsair MP600 COre mini Ssd

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