7,000 Wii U's Stolen in Seattle

As reported by ABC News, 7,000 Wii U’s were stolen last night in Seattle. The heist occurred near Seattle’s SeaTac airport when thieves rolled into the Air Cargo warehouse in two semi-trucks and used a forklift to load the trucks full of shiny new Wii U’s before driving off. One has to wonder how security for this airport and its cargo bays let this happen.

We can confirm that with 7,000 Wii-U consoles costing at about $300 each, the thieves stole $2.1 million worth of Nintendo hardware; which is a shame given how close we are to Christmas. Anyway, rather than babbling on, here’s the original report:

It isn't known where these thieves are currently, but the King County Sheriff Office urges you to contact them on 206-296-3311 if you find any suspicious listings of Wii U's online, especially if the listings show that there are large quantities of them. It is believed that all the stolen Wii U’s can be tracked individually; however, we are unaware of how this can be done. We’ll keep you updated once we discover more.

Source: Kotaku

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