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A 46 year old check signed by Steve Jobs is up for auction

175 Check signed by Steve Jobs
Source: RRAuction

There have been unopened original iPhones going up for auction and selling at jaw-dropping prices. Now, there is a $175 check signed by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs that's almost half a century old. It dates back to July 8, 1976, and its condition is described as "fine to very fine" by RRAuction.

The check issued by Wells Fargo is filled out in type and it was signed by Jobs on behalf of Apple Computer Company to Crampton, Remke & Miller, Inc. - a Palo Alto-based management consulting firm. It catered to several high-profile tech companies in Northern California at the time, including Atari, Xerox, and National Semiconductor.

1976 was the same year when Apple came into existence. In fact, the check was signed just a few months after the release of the Apple I. RRAuction says that "Jobs' hiring of such a firm during Apple's earliest stages demonstrates his eye toward long-term growth."

The check was signed as "steven jobs" and included "770 Welch Rd., Ste. 154, Palo Alto" as the address which was the location of an answering service and mail drop used by Apple while it was still operating out of Jobs' garage. RRAuction has estimated the value of the check to be more than $25,000. However, the current bid at the time of writing was $16,500 and the auction will close on May 11.

Apart from that, a Steve Jobs NEXT Business Card is also up for auction on the same website but its worth is estimated at an upwards of $800. An official memoir based on the life of the Apple co-founder was released by the Steve Jobs Archive last month as a free-to-download ebook.

Source: RRAuction via Gizmodo

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