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Acer joins hands with Qualcomm to bring new Predator Connect Wi-Fi 7 gaming Routers

Predator Connect Routers

Acer has unveiled two new gaming routers in collaboration with Qualcomm, marking a significant step in enhancing wireless gaming experiences. Both routers feature Hybrid QoS software, supporting Intel Killer Prioritization Engine, and Multi-Link operation to boost bandwidth, throughput, and network reliability.

The Predator Connect X7 5G CPE merges 5G and Wi-Fi 7 technology, boasting throughput of BE11000, offering 3.5 Gbps and remarkably low network latencies, clocking in at just 1 millisecond. Complementing this, the Predator Connect T7 Wi-Fi 7 Mesh Router ensures speedy and reliable wireless connections.

Predator Connect Routers

These routers leverage the Qualcomm Immersive Home Platform and tri-band Wi-Fi 7, promising stable connections and expanded wireless gameplay possibilities. Powered by Qualcomm Technologies’ quad-core processors, they further promise accelerated online experiences, improved Spectrum Utilization, and enhanced connectivity across multiple devices.

The introduction of Wi-Fi 7 Predator routers signifies a significant leap, doubling speed output compared to Wi-Fi 6 and ensuring reduced latency, improved interference management, high bandwidth, and consistent performance for connected devices.

The X7 5G CPE offers dual connectivity through 5G and Ethernet, alongside load balancing and failover mechanisms which ensures uninterrupted operations within the mesh network. On the other hand, the T7 Wi-Fi 7 Mesh Router, with support for Wi-Fi 7 tri-band throughput, keeps up with the combined throughput of BE11000, and seamlessly integrates with multi-unit mesh systems, enhancing coverage and reliability with High-Band Multi-Link Simultaneous support.

Predator Connect Routers

The routers' intelligence extends to network acceleration, compatibility with Intel Killer Prioritization Engine, and Wi-Fi 7 features like 320 MHz channel support, 4K QAM, and Multi-Link Operations, enabling enhanced throughput, reduced latency, and minimal network interferences. Acer's Predator Connect utility app empowers gamers with control over the routers, while the integrated Trend Micro Home Network Security engine ensures networked device protection against potential threats.

Source: Acer

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