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Adobe Lightroom is now available for ARM-based PCs

Today, Adobe announced that its Lightroom application is now available for ARM-based PCs. This includes Apple's new Macs with its custom ARM processors, along with Snapdragon-powered Windows PCs. The app is available to run natively now, meaning that you'll get much better performance than you would with emulation.

Adobe promised in nits blog post that it's going to continue to optimize for both Windows on ARM and Apple M1 going forward, a breath of fresh air for Windows on ARM fans. Indeed, it's been four years since the first announcement of Windows running on Snapdragon processors and Adobe has been the one major player that's been missing. Luckily, Apple seems to have sparked the market by transitioning its own product line to ARM.

As it stands right now, the only other native Adobe app is Photoshop, and that's still in an early beta. It does make sense for Adobe to start with Photoshop and Lightroom though, since they're two of the company's most popular CC apps. You can even get them on their own $9.99/month photography plan.

For the rest of the apps, Adobe says that they've been tested to run in Apple's Rosetta 2 translation. Windows on ARM users are stuck using 32-bit versions of other apps for now, although 64-bit emulation should be coming to Insiders very soon.

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