Amazon has Xbox One consoles back in stock [Update: All gone]

Both Sony and Microsoft are bragging about the current demand for their PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. While you might find some units in stores if you are lucky, the only constant way to get a PS4 or Xbox One online is to try your luck on eBay.

This evening, Amazon finally added some new PS4 and Xbox One units for sale and for immediate shipment. The PS4 consoles quickly sold out but as of this writing the Xbox One listing is still in play for $499.99. Yep, that means this version is not saddled with any extras.

It's likely the Xbox One listing will disappear soon but even if and when it does, there are websites that track when new shipments of the Xbox One and PS4 appear online for sale at major retail websites. One of them is, which has listings for U.S, Canadian and UK stores.

The Major Nelson website also has some tips on how to get an Xbox One before the holiday shopping season is over. They include signing up for email newsletters from favorite retailers and following their Twitter and Facebook Feeds. Consumers can also call their local stores to see when they might get new shipments. Yet another tip is shopping for the console in less populated areas; that Walmart in a nearby small town might have a few Xbox One units just waiting to be bought.

Update: It took a few hours, but Amazon has now apparently sold out of its latest Xbox One shipments.

Update 2 (December 4th): Amazon has some new shipments that have come in so the order page is active once again

Update 3: Amazon has sold out of its new shipment

Source: Amazon Xbox One listing | Image via Amazon

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