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AMD to ship 32nm chips in 2010

Information Week is reporting that processor-giant AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) is planning to begin shipping 32nm chips next year, in 2010.

The word comes from AMD's Chief Executive Dirk Meyer, stating that volume production of the chips will begin next year in the fourth quarter. This seems odd, as AMD's rivel Intel is beginning production of 32nm chips this year, again in the fourth quarter, leaving AMD an unfortunate year behind. They will be producing three chips, code named Congo, Nile, and Ontario, which will be a follow-on from their Yukon series, which was aimed at notebooks.

Another interesting point is regarding AMD's acquisition of graphics-producer ATi a while back. Meyer states that, although the buy-out of the GPU maker left AMD in a state of financial woe (2008's Q4 gave AMD a $1.4B loss), he expects it to begin paying off soon, and that owning ATi will give them an advantage in the notebook market. He justifies this by saying while Intel's notebook chips are faster, AMD will come off on top because, when coupled with ATi technology, their computers deliver better graphics and video.

No word yet on what the new AMD processors will be in terms of specifications, but it's still quite a way away, so one can't expect much so far.

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