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Angered by Game Pass perks, Austrian retailer drops Xbox from store

Gameware KG, an Austrian retailer of gaming hardware and software, recently announced that it would be dropping the "all Microsoft consoles" from its online portal following recent changes to the Xbox Game Pass.

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced it would be giving a big boost to its Netflix-like subscription service called Xbox Game Pass. All new games published by Microsoft Studios would be made available to play on day one to subscribers of the Game Pass. This includes big-name titles like the upcoming Sea of Thieves, Crackdown 3 and State of Decay 2.

This apparently rubbed Gameware the wrong way, which remarked it didn't understand why anyone should sell Microsoft consoles, "which bring zero profit and only expenditure if Microsoft alone then wants to profit off of the sales of software." The Innsbruck-based retailer added, "If you want to do business alone, you should do the work alone."

The problem here seems to be the fact that retailers would be losing out on a tremendous amount of sales if subscription-based services like the Xbox Game Pass start gaining more popularity and deter players from purchasing games individually, at full price. Moreover, the changes to the Xbox Game Pass would also allow PC gamers to get any game under the Xbox Play Anywhere program, further undercutting retailers' sales.

Source: GamesMarkt via VG247, ResetEra

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