Another Windows 8 Start menu alternative offered via Pokki

We have seen our share of Windows 8 applications that offer alternatives to the Start menu, such as Stardock's Start8 and Samsung's application for its upcoming Windows 8-based PCs. This week, SweetLabs enters this mini-genre with a new version of its Pokki application.

SweetLabs states in its press release:

The Pokki Menu provides users a central point to easily find and launch programs and apps, access folders and files, search their computer and the web, manage settings, and shut down. In addition, the Pokki Menu enables Windows 8 users to boot directly to desktop as well as configure or disable hot corners.

In order to get their point across about the need for such an app, SweetLabs got Chris Pirillo, the guy who famously posted a video of his father struggling with Windows 8, to see how other people reacted to Windows 8 and its new UI on the street.

The new version is available to download for free. SweetLabs adds, "As a unique startup that loves the PC and cares deeply about making the PC experience better, we hope this new version of Pokki makes the Windows experience better, whether it’s helping to make the new Windows 8 experience easier and more fun to use or helping Windows 7, Vista, and XP users enjoy a modern app experience on their PCs."

Source: Pokki blog | Image via SweetLabs

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