Apple may announce its first-ever mixed-reality headset this fall

Apple ARVR headset

Apple is currently working on a new AR/VR headset. And rumors continue to circulate about when the company will release the mixed-reality headset.

A few days ago, we reported that Apple might be planning to release the headset at its WWDC event next year. Contrary to what we reported earlier, Digitimes now claims that Apple will launch the AR/VR headset as soon as this fall. The report also adds that the new headset will enter mass production in the August-September timeframe.

Moreover, the report claims that Apple has completed the engineering validation tests(EVT) of the AR/VR headset. In other words, Apple has finalized the prototype, which also explains why the company has given the go-ahead to make the headset in bulk quantities.

While the latest report may excite Apple fans, given that other prominent leakers are yet to confirm it, you should take everything that’s been said in the latest report with a pinch of salt.

As for the features and specifications, previous rumors suggest that the mixed-reality headset will be based on a new operating system called realityOS and will benefit from features such as Memojis and SharePlay. Also, it’s said to feature two 8K displays and Wi-Fi 6E.

Apple’s mixed-reality headset is expected to cost more than $3000.

Source: Digitimes (Paywall); via: MacRumors (1, 2)

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