Apple now providing live online chat and advice

There aren’t a lot of Apple stores. There are only 33 in the UK, 250 in the US and only 378 worldwide. This can be difficult for a potential iPhone or Macbook buyer to go into a store and talk with dedicated Apple employees, depending on where their nearest store is.

Well in the UK, starting this morning (Wednesday August 29th) things have just got easier. Apple has introduced a new service that allows people to chat with a “trained Apple Specialist” online, meaning that you don’t have to go into an Apple store to speak with an Apple member of staff.

Helping you through the entire purchase, the specialists will help you choose the most suitable device for you, help you set it up and answer any questions you have about the features or apps available. Remote sessions are available so that the specialists can guide you through a product or demo a feature.

I guess if you don't ask, you don't get!

The service also launched in Spain, Germany and Brazil, but the US has been inexplicably excluded, for the moment at least.

This isn’t a new feature, as online sales and technical support have been available from companies such as Dell and O2 for a number of years now. However it is nice to see Apple branch their customer services out to anyone with access to an Internet browser.

“It’s easy and it’s free – only at the Apple Online Store.” That is, according to Apple at least.

Source and Image: Pocket-lint

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