Apple's lawyers highlight Nokia Lumia in trial against Samsung

We have been following the San Jose, California design patent court battle between Samsung and Apple for the past few weeks. On Tuesday, both companies delivered their closing statements to the members of the jury and Apple took the opportunity to use their final words to pull out ... a Nokia Lumia?

According to, Apple attorney Harold McElhinny held up one of the Windows Phone-based devices from Nokia (it's unknown exactly which model was shown) and told the jury, "Not every smartphone needs to look like an iPhone."

Apple has contened from the beginning of their dispute with Samsung is that the patent designs for the iPhone and iPad were used as the basis for many of Samsung's smartphones as well as its Galaxy Tab tablets. Samsung has countered by saying Apple's designs were taken from other companies.

The fact that Apple's legal team used a Nokia Lumia in court as part of their defense is certainly an interesting one. Of course, there's no indication that Apple said that they preferred the Lumia design compared to the iPhone but it's clear that the company doesn't have any beef with Nokia.

The jury is expected to start their deliberations later today.

Source: | Image via Nokia

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