Bethesda officially announces Rage 2, gameplay reveal tomorrow

It seems that the Walmart Canada pre-order listing leak from last week was at least correct regarding one of the games. Following a string of tweets from the Bethesda Twitter account that teased the reveal, the publisher has now officially announced Rage 2. But not before a shortened version of the teaser trailer itself was leaked earlier today.

The new and officially released trailer can be seen above. Although gameplay footage is still missing, judging by the peculiar visuals, the sequel seems to have dropped the original's darker tone altogether and it may be going for a more over-the-top Borderlands-esque approach.

Its unclear which studio is serving as the developer on the sequel, but there is a chance that id Software is returning to take the reins. Thankfully, we won't have to wait until Bethesda's upcoming E3 presentation to know more, as barring any more leaks, more details on Rage 2 and a gameplay trailer are slated to be released tomorrow.

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