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Cisco Source Code Thief Arrested in England

A 20-year old man was arrested in England on September 3rd for the alleged theft of proprietary source code used by Cisco Systems. No formal charges have been brought against the man (who's identity has still not beed released) as of yet and he was released on bail.

The source code in question contained about 800 megabytes of data pertaining to Cisco's Internetwork Operating System and appeared on a Russian Web site last May. It was quickly removed at Cisco's request. Cisco has claimed that the theft was not the result of a software or service vulnerability.

Both the FBI and Scotland Yard are investigating the theft and working together on the investigation. A statement released by Cisco last friday stated, "We have and are continuing to cooperate with law enforcement agencies on this matter, and we are encouraged that an arrest has been made. We view the arrest as what will likely be many steps in this matter, and we will take every measure to protect vigorously our intellectual property."

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