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Copilot will offer in-game guidance for Xbox and PC games

Copilot with Minecraft

Microsoft announced a new category of Windows PCs called Copilot+ PCs. And the company is trying to show users that if you buy one of these Copilot+ PCs, you will be getting some extra advantages compared to a PC that won't have a neural chip. It showed off a gaming feature of Copilot, which is designed to assist players in certain Xbox and PC games.

According to the Microsoft's X (formerly Twitter) post, Copilot uses natural language conversations to guide players when they get stuck or need information. At a demonstration, Copilot was used within Minecraft. A player asked Copilot how to craft a sword, and Copilot was able to explain the process and even direct the player to the necessary resources.

Copilot could be a big help for gamers who sometimes get frustrated when they don't know how to progress in a game. Instead of searching online guides, Copilot allows for quick conversations right within the game.

However, one of the most criticized behaviors of AI-powered chatbots is hallucination. This occurs when the AI confidently provides an answer to a question, but the information presented is factually incorrect. This means that Copilot can 'hallucinate' in games and mislead the player.

The company anticipates selling approximately 50 million laptops with the new Copilot+ PC label. To support this, Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm will be providing processors equipped with AI-powered chips designed for Windows and its Copilot assistant. Major PC companies such as Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Samsung, and Lenovo, will be making Copilot+ PCs.

Microsoft also announced updated versions of its Surface Laptop and Surface Pro with all-new Snapdragon X processors. According to Microsoft, the new Snapdragon X Plus/Elite chips deliver a significant performance boost. It claims that the Surface Laptop is 86% faster, while the Surface Pro is 90% faster than its predecessor.

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