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Could the Surface Studio be another smash hit for Microsoft?

The debut of the Microsoft Surface Studio was quite the spectacle, when Microsoft published the announcement on YouTube.

Pristine light reflecting metal illuminated the strategically composed machine against a pure white backdrop. Shots from multiple angles carefully exposed every nook and cranny. Mix in a heavy hitting and dramatic cover track, “Pure Imagination” from the film Willy Wonka, and you sir have a recipe to captivate awe.

It was enough to bewitch consumers, racking up over ten million views on YouTube, but there was more to the wizardry behind Microsoft’s closed factory doors, the entire sequence was shot by the Surface design team.

This is cool and all, but the price of the device was a factor that left many a little sour. At an entry level price of $2,999 USD, and the high-end model reaching $4,199 USD, proved more expensive than most all-in-one PCs currently on the market. Market researchers estimated this may hold back the device's sales.

A new report however, suggests Microsoft may exceed estimates for the total number of units shipped during the fourth quarter, despite the steep price point. Originally, estimates were sitting at a comfortable 15,000, which is not an entirely small amount, considering Microsoft is targeting a niche in the form of the creative market. However, that number has climbed to around 30,000 and, according to a Taiwan-based supply chain, Microsoft has ordered another 30,000 for the first quarter of 2017.

Microsoft announced the Surface Studio back in October, with shipments starting in December 2016 after limited quantities rapidly sold out. With the supply chain currently running low, the device can still be ordered from US Microsoft Store, with delivery expected sometime in early 2017.


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