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Dell goes back to its startup roots with new advertisement

In October, Dell reverted back to being a privately run company, thanks in part to a $2 billion investment from Microsoft. This week, Dell started a new and somewhat unusual TV ad campaign, titled "Beginnings", that is devoid of its desktop, notebook or tablet products. Indeed, there's not a PC to be found in the 61 second commercial.

Instead, the ad, posted on YouTube, makes the point that Dell was a startup like other businesses like TripAdvisor, Shutterfly and more that had humble beginnings.  The commercial reminds us that founder Michael Dell started the company in his dorm room in 1984 while he was a student at the University of Texas at Austin. The idea is that now that Dell has gone private again, it will have more freedom to try new things, like a startup company does, without the requirement of also pleasing lots of stockholders.

It remains to be seen if the commercial will get Dell's point across, but at least their ad is different than the norm. It certainly is worlds away from the commercials that featured "Steve" trying to get mothers to buy Dell computers.

Source: Dell on YouTube

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