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Denuvo DRM heads to Android games as "Mobile Game Protection"

Denuvo, the widely used digital rights management and anti-tamper technology seen in PC games, is breaching the mobile space. The company behind Denuvo, Irdeto, announced during gamescom that it has launched Mobile Game Protection, a new solution that aims to curb piracy, modding, and cheating in Android games.

Irdeto says that the rise in mobile games over the years has "attracted criminals to develop a variety of ways to bypass, cheat, modify or pirate mobile games, potentially exposing security flaws, putting data at risk and ruining the gaming experience for legitimate players."

According to the company, Denuvo Mobile Game Protection is offering various security features that will guard against these flaws. The security features being offered were listed as follows:

  • Configurable security/performance tradeoff: you choose how much of your app is going to be protected
  • Smart detection of protection points
  • Protect against static or dynamic manipulation of app codes
  • Protection against reverse engineering
  • Root detection
  • Anti-Debugging
  • Anti-Hooking
  • Virtualization
  • Integrity verification

The Denuvo Mobile Game Protection protection is applied to the final APK with "zero operational effort" by developers, per Irdeto. The company also says the solution will have a "minimal impact on user’s gameplay experience" - although this should depend on how much security the developer opts for - and guarantees zero false-positive hacking reports.

Although Denuvo protected games on PC seemed almost impenetrable originally when it was introduced, cracking groups have since managed to bypass a vast number of these titles' protections. Performance issues in PC games that may be caused by Denuvo implementation is another hot topic, and similar complaints are to be expected when Android games also start shipping with Mobile Game Protection.

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