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Dev Home 0.13 is out with improved widgets and new Windows customization

Dev Home 013

Microsoft has released a new version of the Dev Home app for Windows 10 and 11 users. Version 0.13 includes multiple changes, such as widget improvements, new Windows customization options, accessibility fixes, and more.

Changes in version 0.13 include the following:

  • The memory widget now displays utilization percentage
  • Environments are now available in Dev Home, providing the ability to create, manage, and configure Hyper-V VMs and Microsoft Dev Boxes.
  • Files ending in *.winget can now activate the Configuration file flow in Machine Configuration.
  • Windows customization is now available, with options to change File Explorer settings, access Dev Drive insights, and quiet background processes.
  • The extensions page navigation item is now in the navigation footer.
  • When cloning through the Machine Configuration tool, Dev Home can now detect configuration files in the repository.
  • You can now generate a configuration file from the setup flow in Machine Configuration.
  • Small widgets no longer display graphs.
  • When using a configuration file in Dev Home, you can now see a summary view of the file before running it.

The update also includes a bunch of accessibility fixes:

  • Narrator should now announce the headings of button groups and repository names within Machine Configuration.
  • Narrator should now announce the titles of the banners.
  • The popular apps pane should now look better in high contrast and Narrator should now read the class name instead of the settings card header in Machine Configuration.
  • Widgets should now look better in high contrast.
  • Narrator should now announce when a widget is removed from the dashboard.
  • Narrator should now announce the name of the Dashboard page.
  • You can now select widget size while now in scan mode.
  • Extensions page should no longer have clipped text.
  • The Learn more link on the Introducing Dev Home page should no longer get cut off.

Finally, here are additional bug fixes included in version 0.13:

  • The Add Widget dialog now respects Windows theme changes.

  • The scroll bars no longer overlap page content.

  • Dev Home should no longer crash when attempting to add a repository at certain screen resolutions.

You can download Dev Home 0.13 Preview from GitHub. The app is available on systems with Windows 10 and 11.

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