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Discuss: With only a month left before launch, will Windows 10 be ready in time?

Over the past few months, we’ve regularly asked our readers what their experiences with Windows 10 have been like. Most of the time, improvements were fairly obvious to spot with each build, but so were areas where the OS needed more work.

With each iteration we’ve seen Microsoft polish, adapt and push new features to Windows 10. Perhaps the most long-winded argument over time has been the one surrounding the icons and UI found in the new operating system.

Users have complained, yelled and sobbed over what they deemed to be horrible design choices in terms of colors, styles and overall look of icons. Luckily, Microsoft finally listened to the collective feedback of the community and decided to change the icon styling, seemingly appeasing most users.

Then there was the new Edge browser, known for a very long time as Project Spartan. In fact the new browser still carries this name even on the latest public preview. But despite that, and despite still missing some important features, Edge has been getting better and better, so much so in fact that Microsoft decided it to use it as the default browser in Windows 10.

Of course, no discussion of the new OS could leave out the brand new, but familiar Start Menu. Arguably, this is Windows 10’s raison d’etre, and it’s perhaps one of the biggest differences between Windows 8 and 10. It too has gone through many iterations, constantly improving and changing.

And finally, Cortana’s integration into Windows 10 is a bold move on Microsoft’s part. The new digital assistant may delight users while aiming to offer them unique ways of interacting with their devices. Then again, some may simply regard her as a gimmick, designed to catch users’ eyes but not really useful.

Those are just some of the big features found in Windows 10. We didn’t mention the Xbox gaming aspect, or the new Store with Universal apps or many other features too numerous to list here. No doubt, each of you has his or hew own favorite addition. And that's exactly why, with barely a month left before launch, we’re curious to see how you, the community, view Windows 10.

We want to hear your thoughts on how the operating system has fared so far and whether you think the company has done enough to delight users. Do you think Windows 10 will be ready for launch, or should Microsoft have delayed it until they got everything right? Is there a particular feature that you’re looking forward to, or - perhaps the opposite - one that still needs a lot of work or is completely absent from the OS?

Be sure to share your experiences and opinions of the new build with us in the comments below, and if you're not yet signed up to Neowin, you can register here - it's quick and easy, and you'll also be able to join in discussions on our community forums!

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