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Elite: Dangerous hits 2.75 million in sales after its recent release on PlayStation 4

Besides a rather nasty quip against a large airliner, the CEO of Frontier Developments David Braben gave fans of the series some interesting news once he escaped the so-called 'clutches' of the said airline. In a recent tweet, Braben gave an update on the sales of two of the publisher's biggest titles; namely Elite: Dangerous and Planet Coaster.

It feels like only yesterday when Frontier boasted 1.4 million sales of the space exploration and trading game Elite: Dangerous. The latest figures include the original with all the subsequent expansions, bringing the total to a massive 2.75 million unit sales. Planet Coaster was no slouch either, sporting one million units sold. The latter of the two was launched last year on November 17 and is currently only available on Windows.

Braben recently spoke about an upcoming game that the studio is working on based on a famous movie franchise, however, couldn't go into much detail. Furthermore, Elite: Dangerous has been in the news quite a lot since the last update brought back the Alien race called the 'Thargoids'. Recently Tencent purchased 9% of the company in a landmark deal, giving the developer access to a larger distribution channel.

Planet Coaster itself recently received a Summer update, bringing fireworks displays to the theme park simulation game; which followed one that rolled out earlier that introduced crime and other security related features.

Elite: Dangerous is currently available on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4. Planet Coaster can be purchased right now on Steam.

Source: Twitter

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