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Europe Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD Camps argue over Statistics

The European HD DVD Promotional Group has revealed figures gathered by independent research firm GfK that show stronger software-to-hardware attach ratio compared to Blu-ray Disc. According to the data reported by Pocket-lint, European HD DVD player owners have already bought an average of 3.8 movies each, compared to 0.6 movies sold per Blu-ray player. The findings also included a breakdown of attach rate according to country, each showing a positive attach rate in favor of HD DVD.

Blu-Ray Disc Association's European Chairman Frank Simonis responded by calling the HD DVD Promotional Group's release a "gross misrepresentation of data. We've seen so much rubbish come from the HD DVD Group it's unbelievable. When we supply numbers like this, we will always provide access to our source data so that reporters are able to double check the numbers." Simonis brings up the point that the HD DVD Promotional Group now includes PlayStation 3 sales in its calculations – something it did not do when announcing hardware sales numbers: "Until now, they have refused to accept that the PS3 is a Blu-ray player because it made their numbers look better. But now it suits them they have included the PS3, which is funny in a way. Before the PS3 launched worldwide, BD movies were outselling HD DVD ones by 2-to-1 and now the PS3 is around, BD outsells HD DVD by 3-to1," said Simonis.

News source: DailyTech

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