Even more screenshots of Windows Live Hotmail Wave 4 leak

In continuing with our previous coverage of new Wave 4 Hotmail features and screenshots, LiveSide has, once again, posted screenshots from the the M3 build. Taken from Pinnula.fr, these pictures, which are in French, show off some of the new features that will be present in the new Hotmail.

In the gallery below, you will see the interfaces for the new Conversation View, Advanced E-mail Search (Bing), and Improved Quick Add. Noticeable changes include improved email search criteria, Office Web Apps integration, and the ability to add clip art and web-pages to emails. It's noted that the new Quick Add feature will be "much less intrusive" than it currently is and the new pane won't show up until it's called upon. It is also noted that the new design will allow users to close banner ads.

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