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EVGA teases its first AMD motherboard ever [Update]

Dark with a Ryzen halo behind

EVGA is a very popular vendor for GeForce graphics cards. And although not as popular as its GPUs, the firm has also been making motherboards for a long time too. So far it has only ever built Intel motherboards but that could change very soon according to a new teaser put out by the company.

The tweet that contains the teaser reads "A new Darkness is coming..." suggesting some upcoming product. In the teaser itself, there is a text written in bold that says "DARK" and has a Ryzen halo - the one you find in Ryzen's logo - behind it.

EVGA uses the DARK name for some of its high-end motherboards like the one for Intel that features a 22-phase VRM. So we expect the same for AMD too. Team Red's partners have recently been releasing new X570S chipset-based boards, the latest being a mini-ITX variant from Gigabyte. X570S is a new revision of the former X570 chipset but this time it is passively cooled, so it doesn't feature a chipset fan unlike with older X570 boards.

The new DARK AMD motherboard could feature the X570 too, or maybe even the mid-range B550 chipset, although the latter seems much more unlikely. And who knows, maybe EVGA has just put out the teaser and the actual release happens with Socket AM5 that's rumored to release next year.

EVGA is not the only vendor that has got on the AMD Ryzen bandwagon as recently, NZXT also released its first-ever AMD motherboard with the N7 B550.

Update: The article erroneously claimed that the upcoming DARK motherboard will be EVGA's first board for AMD. EVGA has, in fact, manufactured and sold motherboards for AMD in the past although that was a very long time ago. Here's an example of such a board: EVGA 122-M2-NF59-TR AM2. So while not the first-ever, the upcoming DARK AMD motherboard will be the first such board from EVGA after many years.

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