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Flight Simulator Patch now out, fixes live weather and multiplayer stutter issues

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Microsoft has released a new patch for Flight Simulator, bringing fixes that address a couple of minor issues. These include fixes for stuttering issues when using custom liveries on aircraft while running the simulator in multiplayer. The other improvement comes in the way of fixes to the live weather, with the company noting that the patch improves the accuracy of live weather globally.

The live weather feature that lets players mimic real-world weather in the simulator based on their location has been constantly updated across sim updates. As early as last week, the firm shared an updated feedback snapshot detailing the various fixes and improvements being worked on and their tentative release notes. In the snapshot, it also noted that it is working to address another issue with faulty live weather readings with the fourth sim update that is slated to be released on May 25.

A list of Flight Simulator issues being worked on by Microsoft along with expected release timeframe

This along with the fixes to stutters when using multiplayer mode and flying aircraft with custom liveries, make it a worthwhile update for those that have been suffering from degraded performance. Additionally, those curious to know about the other fixes being worked on can head to the Development Update page to look at the updated Feedback Snapshot.

Other fixes planned for the fourth major sim update include the addition of an off option for excessive icing effects, improvements to phrasing in ATC communications, and more. Some issues such as low texture resolution will see a staggered fix that is spread across multiple updates. The firm is also planning to add real-time traffic later this summer.

You can head to the Microsoft Store or Steam to download the latest Flight Simulator patch version

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