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For Honor's upcoming season 'Shadow and Might' brings new heroes, Shinobi and Centurion

Ubisoft announced For Honor's second season today, Shadow and Might, bringing two new heroes along with new maps and more to the highly popular fighting game when the new season drops next month. The announcement also arrived with a new teaser trailer, seen above, although it doesn't reveal many details.

Of the two new heroes, the first is the Shinobi, which the developer describes as a "Samurai Assassin who moves gracefully and strikes with precision", coming equipped with a Japanese Kusarigama weapon. Next is the gladius-wielding Centurion, an imposing Roman hero who is said to have an advantage in close combat.

The new maps are Forge and Temple Garden, supplementing the selection of multiplayer arenas available in the game. In addition, the Epic gear rarity will be introduced with season two, and as a result, the game's maximum gear score will also be bumped up.

The game's DLC scheme is similar to another Ubisoft game, Rainbow Six Siege. New maps arrive free to all For Honor players at the start of a season, and only heroes and cosmetic items are purchasable with real money, which players can also unlock using the in-game currency, Steel.

For Honor Season 2, Shadow and Might, is slated to arrive on May 16, with season pass owners getting access to the Shinobi and the Centurion on the same day, while regular players can have a go at unlocking them a week later on May 23.

Source: UbiBlog

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