Foxconn worker commits suicide after losing iPhone prototype

Apple's a company well known for secrecy; you'll know so after having read the article we posted about it not too long ago. Though, can this obsession with secrecy actually be harmful to a human being? Digital Beat has evidence that proves that it might well be.

Sun Danyong, a 25-year-old worker in technology giant Foxconn's product communications department, recently got into a bit of trouble after one of the iPhone prototypes he was meant to take care of went missing. Once news of the disappearance got out, Danyong's apartment was 'illegally searched' by employees of the company, and according to "unsubstantiated allegations" he was detained and even physically abused. Then, shortly after 3:30 in the morning on July 16, he jumped from his apartment window.

This is really quite a disturbing event; when a person believes that ending their own life is better than the punishment they'll receive from their employer, it's taken too far. Clearly, Apple takes secrecy very seriously, and Foxconn would wish to make dead sure that their relationship is kept healthy, but this is a step that is way too far. It's not clear whether Danyong got caught up in what was just a mistake, or if he actually intended to leak some details about the device, but nobody will know for sure now.

You'll remember that Apple has dropped manufacturers for its devices before, after having leaked details early, so a company will keep it in their best interests to ensure things are well, but this is an over-reaction. Hopefully we'll get more details on this shortly, be it from Foxconn, Apple, or otherwise.

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