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Gaming News Round-Up: Dec. 2-4

We do have to wonder why a lot of major gaming news web sites posted up items about a certain t-shirt this week when there was plenty of other, and much more important news, to report on.

Minecraft's creator hands over development to others - Marcus "Notch" Persson, the creator of the hit sandbox game Minecraft, has announced that he is officially leaving the game's major development from now on to Mojang's Jens Bergensten. While he will help with Minecraft's future updates, Persson said he will be working on a new, unnamed, game project.

Day 1 Studios suffers mass layoffs - The game developer behind titles like the MechAssault series, Fracture and this year's F.E.A.R. 3 reportedly laid off a large number of its workforce late on Friday. While unconfirmed, the story is that the studio got hit with an order by publisher Konami to stop work on an unannounced revival of the Silent Scope series.

The Last of Us teased - A new Playstation 3 exclusive game, The Last of Us, is being teased with a video that shows some rather apocalyptic real world imagery. The game is expected to get its official reveal on Saturday during Spike TV's Video Game Awards broadcast.

Star Wars Galaxies' official end date - Sony Online has announced that its long running MMO will officially shut down its servers at 9 pm Pacific standard time on December 15, five days before BioWare's long awaited MMO Star Wars The Old Republic will be officially launched.

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