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Good luck getting DDR5 RAM for your Alder Lake PC, up to $5,000 scalper prices seen on eBay

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Last month, we made a list of reasons for when to choose and when not to choose the brand new DDR5 memory and DDR5 motherboard for your possible next Alder Lake-S PC. However, the current pricing and availability of the next-gen memory technology will probably make it an easy choice for buyers anyway.

So far we know a couple of reasons for this. A report from 12chip a few days back said that the onboard PMICs present on DDR5 are already super-short in supply. This was following an earlier admission from MSI that the DDR5 RAM kits would be much more expensive than initial DDR4 batches due to the associated costs of integrating all those extra onboard features (like PMIC). And now, we are beginning to see the culmination of all this in the form of scalping.

On eBay, these scalpers have already started listing DDR5 memory kits for very high prices. Like this seller, who has also listed two 32GB (2x 16GB) kits for a total of 64GB DDR5-5200 Corsair Dominator Platinum kit for US$5,000 (image below). The memory is out of stock everywhere else it seems and is priced on Corsair's site at $339.99 for each 32GB kit. This should amount to $680 for the total 64GB on eBay.

DDR5 eBay

Although the $339.99 is just a placeholder price on Corsair's part since the RAM itself is out of stock, it is hard to imagine the kit actually being sold for anywhere close to $5,000 even when it's available.

And while no one seems to have purchased that $5,000 kit on eBay, some people seem to be willing to pay up, and according to eBay's own Terapeak's data, a $2,500 kit was sold, though we don't exactly know the RAM capacity that was bought for this price.

DDR5 eBay

Terapeak also reports that the average selling price for all DDR5 kits has been more than $550, which is also expectedly on the high side.

via PCMag

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