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Google fights back at Facebook, warns users of data protection


The fight between Google and Facebook has been heating up in recent months, ever since Microsoft joined the social network giant in a massive partnership. TechCrunch spotted that Google is now warning users that exporting their contact data to Facebook might be a bad idea.

Before today, Gmail users could login through Facebook, allowing the service to collect contacts, finding them on Facebook to connect with. Shortly after Facebook made this a feature on their website, Google blocked API access, preventing users from importing their data. Facebook then found a work-around for exporting your data, by exporting your contacts through Gmail, uploading them to the website.


Facebook allows users to import data onto their website, but not export it to sites such as Google. After Facebook found a work-around for exporting your Gmail contact data, Google struck back by putting up a stern warning to users about sharing data on "a service that won't let you get it out."

The warning messages does not prevent users from exporting their data, as Google believes everyone should have control over their own data. The warning message, titled "trap my contacts now" allows users the option o file a complaint over data protectionism on their behalf.

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