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Google gives away free Google TV... plus everything needed to use it

Whenever Google holds a conference, you can bet your last penny that something will be given away to each and every attendee. At Google's I/O conference, we have seen Nexus Ones, G1s, and even EVO 4Gs handed out to the thousands of eager and thrilled fans and developers. At today's Google Zeitgeist event, instead of giving out free Android handsets, Google has decided to one-up themselves.

According to All Things Digital, each of the 600 attendees received free Google TV. But, as Google realized, what good is Google TV without an entire entertainment package to go with it? Along with Google TV, each person was given a SONY Bravia HDTV, six free months of Dish Network, and free Geek Squad installation. It's unclear as to whether the HDTV came with Google TV built in, or if the two were separate, but does it really matter? The Geek Squad installation seems like the odd-ball in this gift bag, as Neowin would conjecture that nearly all of the Zeitgeist attendees know how to set up their own TVs. Perhaps Google just wants people to watch in awe as their living room is transformed into an entertainment super-hub.

But, besides the Googleized TV, Dish Network service, and free installation, Google wanted to make sure that each attendee would be able to walk between his/her couch and refrigerator in the utmost comfort. In the gift bags, they also included Havaianas flip-flops. Keep in mind, Google TV can be controlled from nearly any Android or iOS device. Surely most of the Zeitgeist attendees can find one of those lying around their house.

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