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Google just discovered a treasure trove of new eyeballs for its ads

Google is arguably the number one stop for many marketing teams and advertisers when it comes to finding the right kind of customer for their particular product; with it supporting 44 languages across the world, this has become a goldmine for both the company and its customers. Yesterday, the official Google India blog announced that another one of the most popular languages will be added to this list, giving customers millions of possible new eyeballs for ads.

Previously, if your preferred language and that of your customers were Bengali (Bangla), you couldn't monetize your content properly, since Google's Adwords and Adsense did not support the language, spoken mostly in India and Bangladesh. Well, those content creators can rest easily now since the language, which is the seventh most prevalent spoken tongue in the world among 7,000 worldwide, will officially be supported going forward.

Reportedly, this will allow Google access to over 200 million possible new customers in the second most populous country in the world after China. According to Google's own metrics, the country has over 234 million active internet users who speak one of the many official Indian languages. Beyond that, the company expects another 300 million more potential consumers to come online in the next four years, which presents an even bigger reason for it to pursue this market, and ensure that its platform evolves with the needs of the country.

Yesterday, Google announced a multitude of products and services, including that its Google Store will open in several Asian and South-Asian countries including Indonesia and Malaysia. In addition to this, the company announced an update to its smartphone and a new competitor to the Amazon Echo Dot.

Source: Google India Blog

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