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Google Maps can now say foreign location names for you

Google has announced a new feature for Maps that's the result of closer integration with Google Translate. When you're traveling abroad, if you have trouble saying the name of a landmark or location, you can now have Google Maps say it out loud in the local language for you. A speaker button will show up next to the name of the landmark, which you can tap in order to do this.

The feature detects names in foreign languages, so you won't see the speaker button unless the landmark in question is in a foreign language. If you need additional help communicating in the local language, Maps will now also include a link that takes you directly into the Translate app, so you can translate other phrases.

Google has been making Maps more accessible to different kinds of users, such as those with visual impairments. This new feature is another step in making navigation more accessible, specifically when verbal communication is not practical. It will be rolling out to users on Android and iOS this month with support for over 50 languages, though Google promises more are on the way.

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