Gotham Knights has the Bat Family going up against the Court of Owls

During the DC FanDome stream today, Warner Bros. Games Montréal - the studio behind Batman: Arkham Origins - announced its next game set in the DC universe: Gotham Knights. As can be seen in the cinematic announcement trailer above, Batman/Bruce Wayne is presumed dead, and members of the Bat Family are taking up the role of being Gotham's protectors.

The popular Court of Owls comic book story arc will be a large part of the game it seems, and the group is probably connected to Batman's passing. Robin, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Batgirl are all playable characters this time, and online cooperative play is available too, letting players team up with different heroes to "protect Gotham City, bring hope to its citizens, discipline to its cops, and fear to its criminals."

The developer also shared a pre-alpha gameplay video of Gotham Knights for fans to witness during the stream, which can be seen above. The playthrough has Batgirl being joined by another player who's taking the role of Robin, as they team up against Mr. Freeze, giving a glimpse at the open world of Gotham and a more focused mission similar to the ones seen in the Arkham series.

Gotham Knights is coming in 2021, and while platforms were not announced today, it's likely that the title will be hitting the next-generation consoles and PC. There is another DC universe game announcement incoming from the DC FanDome stream later today, with Rocksteady prepping to showcase Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League at 17:10 PDT / 20:10 EDT.

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