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Half of all Android devices have entered into patent agreements with Microsoft

While Google continues to figure out how to stop the Microsoft patent train, Microsoft has landed yet another patent agreement with Compal, as announced by Microsoft. For those keeping score at home, that's nine agreements in four months and most notably, this signifies that "half of all Android devices have now entered into patent license agreements with Microsoft".

That noise you hear is Google swearing as Microsoft is now profiting on more than half of all Android devices being sold, kudos to Microsoft for finally finding a way to make money in the mobile phone segment. Although, Google is trying to find a way to protect Android with its acquisition of Motorola, but so far, that has done little to stop Microsoft on its crusade. 

With this latest bit of news, it would look like Microsoft is not even close to being done with it's patent agreement negotiations. The chart above shows Microsoft agreements in green and the red lines show who Microsoft is currently in talks with. There are some large names on the list, most notably Motorola, Foxconn and Barnes & Noble.

While Google may have a hit on its hands with Android, Microsoft has found a way to profit from the platform as well. It will be interesting to see how and when Google finds a work-around to rid its partners of these fees. But until then, Microsoft will continue to profit off of Android. 

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