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Halo 2 Mega Screenshot Barrage: 50 New Screens!

We've got in-game shots, weapon render shots, character render shots, animation sequence shots, concept art... We need a sit down

Microsoft has brought our email server to the brink of destruction. It has just squeezed 50 Halo 2 screenshots down our pipe. A glorious moment in time awaits; soak it all up and dream about November 9. We certainly are. Ah, Dr Who, if only you were real you could lend us your TARDIS - and your fit female assistant of course - and we could spin our way forward in time to the date that's plastered with red crayon in our diaries.

Halo 2, Master Chief, Xbox Live play - let's be honest, Bungie's sequel is an utterly irresistible prospect, and like the rest of the Halo-obsessed planet we're hanging on tenterhooks waiting for this red-hot potato to arrive. Anyway, we're almost on the verge of clamping our traps shut and letting you get on with the screenshot viewing - on a parting note we'll just remind you of our E3 2004 foray into the world of Halo 2, which you can read up on here.

Screenshot: >> Click here

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