Halo 3: ODST PC tests planned for August, cross-play and input-based matches coming in 2020

While big announcements about Halo Infinite are happening in the background, 343 Industries is also working on bringing Halo 3: ODST to the PC version of Halo: The Master Chief Collection. In the latest development update rundown, the studio said it's aiming to bring the game into public flighting during the first half of August.

Alongside delivering the Bungie title to PC, for the first time, the developer is also introducing its Firefight mode to the Collection across both console and PC. Current plans for the upcoming test has the Mombassa Streets, Tayari Plaza, Uplift Reserve, NMPD HQ, Data Hive, and Coastal Highway campaign missions, seven Firefight maps, updated customizations, and Theater mode being available.

On this flight, the developer is seeking to gather feedback on the available content, and test its distribution pipeline and the new Firefight mode. Those who are interested in joining these testing sessions, as well as any upcoming ones for Halo 4, can sign up for the Halo Insider program here.

Moreover, the number of features being actively worked on by 343 Industries and partners has been expanded to include several highly requested facilities. Cross-play across PC and Xbox, input-based matchmaking, and more are now in active development. Here are the features that are planned to arrive in 2020:

  • Crossplay
  • Input Based MM
  • Server Region Selection
  • Custom Game Browser
  • Per Game Graphics Options
  • Per Game Audio Options
  • M&K Support for Xbox
  • PC Fileshare
  • Double Keybinds for all games
  • Viewmodel adjustments for all games
  • In game FPS Cap/Adjustments
  • Steam Account Linking

The studio's aim is to launch cross-play, input-based matchmaking, and region selection as a single package, which will be joined by another single update that will contain the custom game browser, per game graphics options, and mouse and keyboard Support for Xbox consoles.

Today's developer update also goes further into detail on the challenges the studio faced with fixing Halo: Reach and Halo 3 audio, hit registration investigations, and the Season 3 content that will land with the next game drop. Those who are interested can catch the full post over here.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC is available on the Microsoft Store, Steam, and Xbox Game Pass, and currently ships with Halo Reach, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 2: Anniversary, and Halo 3.

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