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Halo: Infinite launches The Yappening II Operation event including the Gruntpocalypse

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Developer 343 Industries and publisher Microsoft are continuing to release new free content for its sci-fi first-person shooter Halo: Infinite under the more recent Operations formula. These are smaller content updates that occur every six weeks or so compared to the much longer Seasons formula.

This week, the latest free Operation has the interesting name The Yappening II. The name is a reference to a previous two-week event, The Yappening, that happened in September 2022.

For The Yappening II, the game will launch a variant on the Firefight: King of the Hill gameplay mode, called the Gruntpocalypse. In a blog post, 343 Industries has some more info on this mode:

This time, you’ll be facing off against the greatest contingent of Balaho Banished you’ve ever seens! It's all Grunts, all the time. A war chief’s dream, really. And when you realize the futility of your situations, you’ll have to hope your feet don’t fail you as you run cryin’ back to your disappointed parents!

Oh and did we mentions that there’s a twist? Yeah, we know you Spartans are always tryin’ to get ahead, so Skulls are guaranteed in every round—don't matter if you die, respawn, or get broughted back to life, the Skull magic is still on tap. Oh, and for humans who love a good Grunt birthday party, there’s also a Fiesta version of Gruntpocalypse where you gets random loadouts each time you respawns.

The Gruntpocalypse will last until April 16. In a separate blog post, 343 Industries reveals that in the third week of The Yappening II Operation, it will throw in a new Arena map called Corrosion that will include lots of green acid that could kill your character.

The update also includes the Yappening II Operation Pass, which will let you unlock Grunt-inspired armor and weapons variants when you complete certain challenges and Match XP events.

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