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Hard to find 4GB original Apple iPhone is up for auction, expected to sell for $100,000

Apple Original iPhone 2007

It has been 16 years since the first-generation iPhone, also known as the original iPhone or iPhone 1, went on sale in the US on June 29, 2007. The device was introduced to the world almost five months before that date by Steve Jobs during his keynote address at MacWorld Expo in San Fransisco.

Over the years, there have been multiple auctions of first-generation iPhone units in factory-sealed condition. Another original iPhone has come up for sale on LCG Auctions website but what's different with this iPhone is it's a 4GB model.

At the time of launch, the original iPhone was priced at $499 (4GB) and $599 (8GB). The 4GB original iPhone is a rare occurrence, according to the auction site, because Apple discontinued it after a few months. In February 2008, Apple introduced a 16GB variant priced at $499 and reduced the price of the 8GB model to $399.

As per the auction website, the bidding for the unopened device will be open till July 16. While the starting price is set at $10,000, the auction house expects that the rare 4GB model might sell for up to $100,000.

If that happens, it would be almost 200 times the selling price of the device at the time of its launch. Speaking of the highest reported prices, an 8GB iPhone 1 was auctioned for $63,000 in February this year through LCG Auctions. Another original iPhone with a "Lucky You" sticker was sold for $40,320 earlier this year.

The images shared on the auction website feature the retail packing in various camera angles to give an idea of its current condition. However, there are no X-rayed images revealing the box contents. Apart from that LCG Auction is also selling an 8GB original iPhone with a starting bid of $5,000, a 16GB 2008 iPhone, and a first-release European version of the OG iPhone.

Via BusinessInsider

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