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Microsoft has just ended support for the Surface Pro 6

A black Surface Pro 6

June 30, 2023, is a sad day for those using the Surface Pro 6. Starting today, Microsoft is no longer providing firmware and driver updates for its sixth-generation tablet, leaving the device without improvements and security fixes.

Microsoft announced the Surface Pro 6 in October 2018, alongside the Surface Laptop 2 (support ended on December 27, 2022) and Surface Studio 2. Like the previous generation, it featured the same familiar design and features, with most changes focusing on internals.

The device marked the return of the classic Black color from the original Surface Pro and RT, giving buyers two color options: Platinum and Black.

The Surface Pro 6 is the oldest Surface tablet to officially support Windows 11, thanks to the eighth-generation Intel Core Kaby Lake R processors. CPU options included the Core i5-8250U and the more expensive Core i7-8650U (let's now mention the cursed $749 variant with 4GB of RAM and an Intel Core M3 CPU). As for RAM and storage, the computer featured 8 or 16GB of RAM and 128GB to 1TB of non-removable SSD.

A black Surface Pro 6

Microsoft's sixth-generation Surface Pro was a well-received device with solid performance and relatively good battery life. However, not everyone liked the somewhat conservative set of ports without USB-C and the absolute lack of repairability.

iFixit slammed the tablet with 1 out of 10 on the repairability scale, bashing the device for using too much glue, a soldered SSD, a complicated disassembly process, and more.

The criticism caused Microsoft to rethink its strategies and design decisions. Although the Surface Pro 7 retained its virtually unrepairable design, the business-focused Surface Pro 7+ received a user-replaceable SSD that does not require disassembling the device.

Microsoft pledged to make its computers more repairable, with less adhesive, easier disassembly, and more accessible components. Now every modern Surface computer gets much better repairability grades.

It is worth noting that Windows updates are separated from firmware updates, so your Surface Pro 6 will continue getting new software features, fixes, security enhancements, and other vital Windows updates. Therefore, those happy with their almost five-year-old Surface Pro 6 can continue using it.

Interestingly, the fifth-generation Surface Pro has a significantly longer lifespan despite being almost 18 months older. According to Microsoft, the Surface Pro "5" and its LTE configuration will reach their end of life on January 15, 2024. That makes this tablet duo one of the longest-living Surface computers.

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